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About David Gordon

David Gordon is an Optometrist who has been in private practice providing eye care in Burbank since 1981. His practice has been established primarily by referrals. He is known for the personal care and individual attention that he provides his patients. He was voted Burbank's Best Optometrist by readers of The Burbank Leader in 2004 and 2005 (without any campaign).

David became a resident of Burbank in 1983, first as a renter and later as a homeowner. He and his son, Matthew, still proudly reside in Burbank. Matthew attended Burbank's public schools and is now attending CalMaritime University. David has been actively involved in local community affairs since the late eighties. He became involved in the Magnolia Park Merchant's Association and worked to improve the small business climate and protect the surrounding residential neighborhoods. David worked with residents and small businesses who joined together in 1992 to stop the widening of Hollywood Way and the removal of on-street parking. At that time there was a formal plan called the Airport Access Corridor that required widening of Hollywood Way to six lanes with no on-street parking to access the planned 27-gate airport terminal.

He later served as chairman of the Magnolia Park Citizens Advisory Committee from 1993-96. From 1995-1999 he served on Burbankís Planning Board, one year as chair. While on the Planning Board, he simultaneously served for two years on the Administrative Services Committee of the League of California Cities.

Professional Activities

David has worked with various ethnic groups in southern California to support their eye care needs. In the fall of 2004, David traveled to El Salvador to teach, help develop and improve professional eye care in that Central American country.


After graduating El Camino Real High School in Woodland Hills, he attended UCLA. He completed his professional studies at UC Berkeley, graduating in 1979. David has studied and traveled through Europe and speaks several languages including French and Spanish.


David is a history buff and has studied various wars and winning strategies. When time permits, he likes traveling, fishing, baseball, and basketball.
Paid for by Re-Elect David Gordon to City Council 2017, ID# 1391861. 851 N. Hollywood Way, Burbank, CA 91505
email: david_gordon@pacbell.net   http://www.gordonforburbank.com
phone: 818.842.2111
"Itís time to put the people first, our neighborhoods first, and to support our small businesses.
My only special interest is the publicís interest."
-- David Gordon, Oct. 10, 2005
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