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"When problems for our residents arise, I will never accept as a first response that there is nothing we can do,"
--David Gordon

David Gordon SUPPORTS
  • Fiscal responsibility & accountability
  • Spending YOUR tax dollars prudently
  • Preserving the quality of life in all our neighborhoods
  • Our small businesses
  • Keeping parking FREE in Burbank
  • A fresh look at affordable housing, especially for our seniors

  • Tax dollar give aways & backroom deals
  • Withholding information from the public
  • Under-parked & overcrowded development
  • Unregulated sober-living facilities
  • Unjustified utility rate hikes
  • Airport expansion

Paid for by Re-Elect David Gordon to City Council 2017, ID# 1391861. 851 N. Hollywood Way, Burbank, CA 91505
email: david_gordon@pacbell.net   http://www.gordonforburbank.com
phone: 818.842.2111
"My goals remain to put the people first, our neighborhoods first, and to support our small businesses." -- David Gordon
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