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Photo Gallery

The Campaign Kick-off Party 2008

An evening of meeting, greeting, celebration, discussing issues and exchanging ideas.

Good food, good company and a show of support from local residents.

An evening of lovely weather and hospitality.

David and His Son, Matthew

Congressman Schiff and Bugs Bunny join Councilman Gordon inside the
VSP Mobile Vision Clinic during its visit to the Burbank Boy's and Girl's Club.

Final votes--We did it! Thank you everyone!

It's official!

David thanking his campaign team

Newspaper Annoucement

David and Matthew

Snapshot from City Hall

Residents of the Rancho share their needs to maintain the Polywog for equestrian use, not LA's underground sewer and 60' wide sewer vent. There is more detail about this "sewer" issue on "The Issues" page of this site.

David attended the Polywog Event to listen to their concerns.

An equestrian poses with David to show her support.

Paid for by Re-Elect David Gordon to City Council 2017, ID# 1391861. 851 N. Hollywood Way, Burbank, CA 91505
email: david_gordon@pacbell.net   http://www.gordonforburbank.com
phone: 818.842.2111
"My goals remain to put the people first, our neighborhoods first, and to support our small businesses.
My only special interest is the publicís interest."
-- David Gordon, Oct. 10, 2005
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